Sax and James present a duet of new works by Tommy LeVrier

Producer Chris Sax and Associate Producer Shaun James present a duet of new works by Tommy LeVrier at Theatre for the New City (Crystal Field, artistic director):
Carson & Huston — August 28 @ 2pm; August 30 @ 9pm; August 31 @ 6:30 pm; Sept 1 @ 6:30 pm; Sept 3 @ 5:00 p.m.
At Least He Didn’t Die With Antlers On His Head! — September 9 @ 9:00 pm; Sept 10 @ 5:00 pm; Sept 11 @ 8:00 pm; Sept 16 @ 9:00 pm; Sept 17 @ 5:00 pm

Theatre for the New City is located at
New York City’s lower east side
155 First Avenue (between 9th and 10th streets)

Carson & Huston:

Based on a true story, Carson & Huston concerns a meeting between novelist and playwright Carson McCullers and film director John Huston in Ireland. McCullers’ African American longtime companion and caretaker, Daisy, is fervently against the idea but McCullers, refusing to be branded an invalid on any level, makes the trip, citing “even if it is the last thing I ever do.” She was close, as she died five months later.

This is the story of their visit.

New York theatre veteran, David Arthur Bachrach, appears as John Huston. A noted classical actor, Bachrach is credited with acclaimed productions of Macbeth, Richard III, Hamlet, The Cherry Orchard, Three Sisters, Much Ado, Cymbeline, and – after this play – As You Like It.
Stage, Film, and TV artist, Leslie Lynn Meeker joins him as Carson McCullers, and can be seen on the upcoming AMAZON TV series Mr.& Mrs. Smith. The company is completed by Bobbi Owens as Daisy and Ryan Gerberding plays Dempsey.

Directed By Dale Davidson, Carson & Huston is produced by Chris Sax with Shaun James as associate producer. Production Stage Manager, Daniel Sutton. Carson & Huston is part of Theatre for the New City’s Dream-Up Festival (Crystal Field, artistic director) and begins performances August 28 and running through September 3 and runs in conjunction with the play, At Least He Didn’t Die With Antlers On His Head! also written by Tommy LeVrier, but directed by Chris Sax and Mark Meir, with Sax returning as producer.

Taking a page from Tom Stoppard, Antlers tells of a teen who skips school in South Peeveetoe, Texas, to go hunting. He sees “a yankee” put on a pair of antlers to attract deer and gets shot between the eyes. It is the teen who also gets it between the eyes as he hoped relating the story could help remove shame on his family. When it fails, the teen decides to take revenge. Cast includes Don McManus, Shaun James, Judi Beecher, Marie-Louise Boisnier, and Alexander Chilton. Antlers and the show runs September 9 – 17, also at Theatre for the New City.

Carson & Huston:

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