Et tu, Junius?

The Brutes

Written by Casey Wimpee

Planet Connections Festivity

Theaters at the Clemente

107 Suffolk Street


Review by Veronica Romero

The Brutes is about the Booth family rehearsing for Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. It takes us through family drama and the tension between the brothers as it leads to a seminal tragic, historical event. It combines real events with a fictional vibe and was well thought out.

The play was directed by Sara Fellini who also played Mrs. Asia Booth Clarke. Brothers Edwin Booth, Junius Brutus Booth and John Wilkes Booth who were played by Adam Belvo, Nicholas Thomas and John Hardin respectively. There were also The Brutes who were played by Brennan Gallagher, Becca Musser, Harlan Short and Mary Ann Elizabeth Wright. Everyone did a great job. Stand outs were: Pete Oliver who played “Handsome” and Samuel Adams who gave us Seymour. Their characters were interesting but light and funny. Both did a believable and enlightening job. The voices, speech and accents of all the actors were of very high quality.

I love the opening song it was a great way to start. The period was well fleshed out and made accessible to the audience. I learned a history lesson and got to understand both actors, family dynamics and politics that helped shape our nation. Very good job.

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