Sunny Side Up

tyotsedraft-300x300The Year of The Solar Eclipse

Written by Aileen Kyoko

Planet Connections Festivity

@The Clemente

107 Suffolk Street


Review by Nusrat Hossain


Astrology. Some think it’s not real and others follow -well- religiously. The solar eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth and when the Moon fully or partially blocks the Sun. It is a spiritual moment for many and in fact symbolizes a change toward positivism and an opportunity to find a different route to our goals. It is about starting over, and the events are meant to test our strengths and resolve to achieve our dreams.  

This is exactly what The Year of The Solar Eclipse by Aileen Kyoko is about. It is a story-based on the lives of three friends before, after and during a solar eclipse. The play shows a glimpse into their lives which resemble the eclipse. To start off, Ivy who is played with great power by Connie Saltzman, goes through a path of rediscovering self-identity after a rough break up with her boyfriend of seven years. Angelina is the free-spirit of the group. She is not bound by society’s rules and regulations and has a care-free love life. However, this all comes to an abrupt halt when an old friend visits her and flips her life upside down. Angelina is used to hooking up with whomever she feels like, whenever she feels like, but, when Will, who happens to be Eva’s cousin asks for something more than hooking up, Angelina is amused. She turns him down, but the aftermath of her decision causes her to rethink the way she chooses to lead her life. Finally, Elle cannot walk away from her fears and insecurities before she walks down the aisle and she is afraid of all the mistakes she has made and worries that they will bring her marriage down in flames.  

The ensemble of actors in this play were phenomenal. They connected with the audience in a real and powerful way, their emotions were almost felt on our skin. Overall, “The Year of The Solar Eclipse” brings audience members a sense of what it is like to lose yourself and regain it again. I found this extremely well-written play current and relatable. It took me though a lesson of self-discovery, what it means to fail and the power of friendship. My favorite line was, “I don’t think there are any wrong decisions. You’re just always living and learning.” Life is a roller coaster of experiences and this play sheds light on just how much that statement is true.  

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