Sebastian Ruiz on SOLEDAD

Interview by Jen Bush

Sebastian Ruiz has joined the cast of the upcoming prison drama set in 1934 called Soledad.  You can see him in the role of Father/Steward at the end of August.  As an artist, he’s flexible, diligent and open to new experiences.  “I’d say I’m an ever-growing artist, continuously learning and working on myself to be a part of projects and art that I can be proud of.”

 As an actor, he’s not pinned down to one creative process.  He does what works best for each character that he crafts.  “My creative process differs. I’d say with this project, it has been a joyous one. Compared to the rest of the cast, my text is fairly easy to track and learn so I’m lucky in that regard. I’ve also really connected with the character so stepping into their shoes has been therapeutic.” 

Mr. Ruiz was drawn to this play for a variety of reasons including feeling a personal connection to the character.  “The character(s) in the play, the play itself mainly attracted me. I believe SOLEDAD to be a healing story.  My character(s), father/steward, seem to be a vessel towards that healing and I connected with that very much since, as of late, I’ve embraced a similar role in my own personal life.”

When performing in a play with serious subject matter, some artists feel an added responsibility to present the material more sensitively.  Mr. Ruiz feels it is his responsibility to provide an authentic performance regardless of the topic.  “I think I feel a responsibility regardless of subject matter- to tell a truth and to be as prepared as I can be to deliver the story in the best way I can.” 

Though covid is not over, many people including Mr. Ruiz are thrilled that the performing arts have made a triumphant return.  “I think it’s great to see people back. I think it’s just about continuing to take proper precaution as we continue to go about our lives.”

Mr. Ruiz has a good idea for what theatre should look like post covid-“Inclusive, available and safe”

Mr. Ruiz is not sure what’s next, but he has a good plan for ensuring future employment in the arts.  In the meantime, take a moment to check out his film series, Moments.  “Whatever God has in store for me. Solidifying management and representation with my best interest at the forefront and continuing to make film. Check out MOMENT I on my YouTube page at Sebastian Ruiz and/or @moments_theofficial on Instagram.  Thank You!”

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