Rev. Mary: The Lady in Black sees the light

35051105_2096549350616197_1238400278739288064_n.jpgRev. Mary is everywhere!

Preparing to step into the recording studio with tunes from Granny’s Blue-Mers

Preparing to wow the crowds again with an encore performance of The Lady in Black

Preparing to promote her product line of magic-infused products at the performances of Divination, a new off-Broadway play by Dorian Palumbo.





She will be featured in Patrick Hickey’s pop-culture mecca, ReviewFix, shortly but here’s a few words from the “Crowned Empress of the Torch Song” (Michael D’Antoni’s review of her from last October) and her new title… The Singing Sorceress!

But the big thing is the revelations her cabaret act has given her.

The journey of this show was fascinating. Tell us about it.

31166382_10214328407256886_2256130373375229952_n.jpgI thought I was just choosing some great songs from The Great American Songbook at first. I have been concentrating recently on songs from the early 20th Century. I always pick songs first then write the book based on What they say to me. I pulled out my old diaries and added the songs to my live affairs from the past and it went well. It was a darker show than I expected. Some thoughts about my lovers, my mother’s sadness and my own seemingly desperate attempts at finding love emerged. It became almost therapy. So…on stage the first night I had an epiphany.The audience was talking to me too! It seemed we were all feeling the same way, especially some women there. I realized that there was an obvious pattern in my relationship with men. They were all addicts!! I mean, I knew but it never showed so clearly. I never saw the pattern.

What is new about this installment from the last one?

37236256_10214934749855072_1351112560027369472_n.jpgWell there are new so he and some more I say about the journey. I discovered I was What is called in psychology a Co-Dependent. I have been attending a  12-step program for this issue and have discovered so much. I was singing about it all my life but never realized!

What made you decide to focus on this type of music?

I love Jazz and blues. I understand it’s movement. Blues us a free form expressive road to the heart and Jazz is like singing a painting. I want to explore music decade by decade too. Just edging into the Noir Jazz of the mid 20th century now.

What mark do you hope to leave on the world of cabaret?

Mark….hmmm. I hope it’s a smart and sensuous mark!!!

How’s the album coming?

I have been gathering musicians and am in development. Jontavious Willis the young blues guitarist is on board to join us as well.

What’s next?

I am doing a show with all early 20th Century music about Marijuana. Songs about it were common and everywhere…while it was legal. Also The Lady in Black Leather. A second part of this current show with a much more erotic feel.

And with that, are your shows part of a series?  In other words, are your cabarets connected?

Yes there are two types. One is the bawdy, loud and wild Granny’s Blue-Mers work centering on sex and drugs and the other is the darker side of things and much more current. The Lady in Black series. My inner dark side. Comedy and Tragedy!!




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