Arabella’s connection to the Planet


Written by Jamie Semel

Planet Connections Theater Festivity

@The Clemente, 107 Suffolk Street, NYC

Review by Jade Fernandez


This important story created by Jamie Semel is about taking care of our planet and is brought to life in this production Arabella. Arabella played by Allison Morris is nature in human form. Although oil drilling Lloyd Hopkins, played by Alex Kirshy occasionally hurts Arabella by polluting her, she still loves Lloyd and is kind to him. Lloyd starts to question his profession when he is seen as the bad guy to his family and starts feeling like the bad guy towards Arabella. Everything about Arabella is adorable which makes Lloyd feel even worse about the things he is doing to her. It is clear that Lloyd wants a career change, but he knows he can’t have it because it puts a roof over his family’s head and food on the table.

Alex Kirshy made the perfect Lloyd. He is very funny and free which is enjoyable to watch. His delivery was spot on. He played a very believable Dad. Another great performance was by Andrew Cawley who played Henry Wolf, boyfriend of Lloyd’s daughter.

Light transitions and other technical aspects of the production were phenomenal. Alyssa Glenn’s lighting design was done perfectly.

One small problem with the writing was the ending. It wasn’t clear enough for me to know it was the end. A strong ending was the only thing the show needed to be amazing.

This play was great way to raise money for GRID Alternatives, an organization that provides renewable energy technology and job training to underserved communities.

I would absolutely recommend this play to everyone of all ages. It’s always nice to see a production that appeals to a younger audience but still entertains the older audience as well. The show made me realize how poorly we treat the environment, we need to come together to save Arabella. She’s so cute and sweet. She doesn’t deserve to die.


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