Stalking Dead: DEAD BRAINS

deadbrains-11.jpgDead Brains
By Erik Champney
Teatro LATEA @ The Clemente

7/12 @9:30pm
7/14 @9:15pm
7/15 @1:45pm
7/17 @5:45pm
7/19 @9:45pm
7/22 7:30pm

Review by Jade Fernandez


Erik Champney’s  Dead Brains, tells the tale of two people involved in a very dangerous relationship. Henry, played by Richard Wingert and Philly, played by Ellie Gossage both have unspeakable pasts and have agreed to keep it all in the past. However, when Henry wants to play a dangerous game with Philly, things take a horrible turn. Henry is out for revenge on a past crush for making his jock friends beat him up back in high school. Henry is just trying to test Philly. He wants to see what she would do for him. More specifically if she would kill for him, and …she does.

Ellie Gossage was phenomenal. She was totally believable.  I was with her every step of the way totally convincing me she had serious mental issues. The direction by Adam Chisnall was brisk and effective and his use of sound enhanced the mood cleverly. His staging supplied as much tension as Erik Champney’s piercing dialogue. Both kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

The show was exciting, scary, and twisted – in both plot and mind – to the end, which was a good thing. The element of surprise is necessary in entertainment and they were used well here. This play is ripe for HBO. Loved it.

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