Nightlife Man-About-Town, Joe Preston, praises Brian Alejandro

Most, if not all of you have tasted fine wine, but have you ever heard it?

In one of New York’s most celebrated Cabaret rooms, Pangea, an eager and sophisticated audience gathered to hear and experience the legendary vocals of Brian Alejandro and his brilliant musical director, Mr. Darnell White, on Piano.

Lord Brian, as he is now officially anointed, presented his entertaining journey entitled, “More Stories From Las Vegas”, and most certainly did not disappoint. The mosaic of his life story entertained with his memories and professional encounters with such luminaries as Dionne Warwick, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., and many, actually many, many more.

In addition, Lord Brian did not forget where he came from, how he was reared and how he learned what America was all about at a time when the racial divide was sharp and real. Along with myself, the audience was captivated with his vocal prowess and showmanship.

I would encourage anyone to follow Brian Alejandro and catch his next magnificent performance and prepare to be transcended. I’m honored to have experienced this show with Mr. Darnell White, and look forward, as I hope you do, to see his next performance wherever that might be.

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