Ancient Legends and Powerful Writing

The-Hunting-Season-poster-SQUARE-300x300.jpgThe Hunting Season

Written By: Magaly Colimon Directed by: Cezar Williams

Theater: LATEA Theater @ The Clemente

Address: 107 SUFFOLK STREET – NY, NY

Dates of Show: July: 16, 21, 29. August: 3 and 4

Review by: Nusrat Hossain Ria


The Hunting Season is a story centering on a Haitian family who later make a move to America. In the story, twins Boukman Delacroix and Jojo Delacroix, tell the story of how their parents met and what had happened to their father – now deceased. They speak about an ancient legend where a wolf-like creature is hunting down all the Haitian boys. Their move to America – with the hope of salvation – only fosters more oppression. In the play, one son becomes a civil rights activist. The main plotline is the attempt to keep him safe. This character is named for Dutty Boukman, who was an early leader of the Haitian Revolution, enslaved in Jamaica and later in Haiti. Theatre must educate, and this work does that very well. I found myself enveloped in the storyline – enough so to bring on tears. This play is filled with topics of racism and slavery. It provides a strong message about the African-American in American history from a  unique and personal standpoint.

This is a deeply moving story and deserves much more attention.


The cast of this play includes the following.

Paule Aboite as “Marie Allerte Delacroix”
Esther Ayomide Akinsanya as “God”
Trevor Latez Hayes as “Boukman Delacroix”
Guyviaud Joseph as “Emanuel Delacroix”
James B. Kennedy as “Terry Lupo/Officer Michael Walker/Peter Frost”
Nadege Matteis as “Marie Jose ‘Jojo’ Delacroix”
*Melissa Mickens as “Dr. Farkas/Alana Lowe/Norma Payne”



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