That’s the Espirito!

ESPIRITO DOMINGO Interview by Jen Bush

Espirito S. Domingo is an enthusiastic cast member of the exciting new play premiering in June called Existence.  Originally from Africa, this multi-talented artist found NYC to be the ideal home where he could study and hone his craft.  Mr. Domingo recognizes the value of independent theater.  “My name is Espirito S. Domingo I’m an artist originally from Benin, west Africa. I’m an actor, writer, director currently residing in NYC. I’m very passionate about my craft and has been acting for over 10 years. I graduated from The City College of New York with a BA in Theatre and received professional acting training from renowned acting coach Melvin Williams, with whom I continue to train to this day.”  Espirito S. Domingo has also written and starred in his own Original Solo-Play titled I am Not a Terrorist! Which opened in New York City and is performing again this June 24th and 25th. “I’m consistently working on new independent projects as I develop my craft of acting, and I’m currently starring in a new Play titled EXISTENCE which will also open in NYC this June 9th through 19th.”

 It was the intriguing way the playwright crafted a piece around current topics of a delicate nature that drew Mr. Domingo to this play.  “What drew me to this play was how the playwright is using a very creative method to highlight the very sensitive subject manner of covid and other very current issues in our society,” 

While other artists take a deep dive into the script or do painstaking research, Mr. Domingo has a simple cut to the chase creative process.  He simply acts because at the end of the day, that’s what actors do.  Practice makes perfect!  “My creative process when it comes to Acting is simple. I just do it. Acting is repetition. The more you practice, the better you get. I make many mistakes in the process but that allows me to grow and in the end everything always comes together.” 

Mr. Domingo holds every role he undertakes in the highest esteem.  He gives each role equal responsibility whether the subject matter is serious or not.  “I always take every role I play seriously regardless of the topic. That’s because of my training.  As an actor I consider that every role is to be respected and there’s no such thing in my belief as a small part. A well-trained actor can turn a small role into a big one by how much he brings to the character. In other word my job as an actor is to create the character and be truthful regardless of the context. In the end, the topic or subject matter will take care of itself. The goal is to bring the character to life on stage or on the screen.”  The saying, there are no small parts, only small actors definitely applies here.  It’s refreshing to see that Mr. Domingo’s ego is not in the way of all the wonderful things he can bring to each role regardless of the size.

With the pandemic came significant changes in the area of health and safety in the performing arts world.  Mr. Domingo recognizes the balance between taking precautions while still being a working artist and has no plans to let the pandemic get in his creative way.  “With the pandemic it’s very different because anytime, anyone can catch the virus. Yes vaccinations help reduce the severity of the symptoms but still we have to be cautious. That is why we wear masks when we rehearse and also test regularly.  I’m not however letting the pandemic limit me from working. I still need to audition and I still need to keep creating regardless of the circumstances.”

June is a busy month for Mr. Domingo between Existence and his very own play that has already received positive feedback the first time it was performed.  “What’s next for me? I wrote a One-Character play titled: “I AM NOT A TERRORIST” directed by Mel Williams, which I will be performing at the Producers Club Theatre in Midtown Manhattan this June Friday 24th and Saturday 25th at 8PM. I would like to invite you to see it. It will be my second time performing after performing it in December of last year. It’s a very unique piece centered around an innocent man recounting the torture and struggles he went through at the hands of the government. It’s a very unique and engaging piece that received very positive responses when it premiered. It’s also a funny piece despite the dark and sensitive topic. There’s a lot of humor. You are kindly invited!”  With his skill set, honorable work ethic and experience, Mr. Domingo will surely grace the New York theater scene and beyond for a long time to come.  

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