Marc Martin: London & New York

Marc Martin Interview by Jen Bush

 Marc Martin is bringing an international flair to his role in The Merry Wives of Windsor.  This quadrilingual artist has had the benefit of living and working in the two theater capitols of the world, London and New York.  He will soon be able to add violin player to his already impressive resume. “My name is Marc Martin and I am a multilingual actor, originally from Barcelona. I speak English, Spanish, Catalan and French fluently. I lived in London for 14 years before moving to NYC in 2015. I have now been living in NYC for over 6 years. I studied acting courses in London while I was working in the West End. While studying, I worked in London’s Albery theatre (now Noel Coward) and at the Donmar Warehouse for almost 4 years as Front of House where I was able to see some of the best plays and amazing acting. I love acting in theatre and film. I am learning violin and love going to the opera.”

 Mr. Martin makes an excellent case for why he thinks every actor should do Shakespeare.   “Shakespeare is timeless. It helps actors deeply understand the characters and the English language. It is so complex, with timeless emotions and subtle nuances that makes acting incredibly enjoyable. Being able to understand the characters and language and making the audience understand the story and the character is such a great experience and accomplishment as an actor.  It is the best training for any actor.”

 When summer arrives it brings with it roses which by any other name would still smell as sweet and Shakespeare.  Mr. Martin has some theories about why we see so much of The Bard in summertime.  “Nice weather and longer days, people enjoy being out and do outdoor activities. Theatre in parks and outdoors spaces is an amazing way to socialize, enjoy the weather and see art.”

 It’s easy to see the appeal of any actor wanting to perform the work of one of the greatest playwrights in history.  For Mr. Martin, a fluent French speaker to portray a French doctor, the role held even more appeal.  “I love Shakespeare. I have seen a few representations of Merry Wives of Windsor, including Verdi’s opera Falstaff. I love Shakespeare comedies. Merry Wives of Windsor is very funny.  I am playing Dr Caius, a French Doctor who is a suitor to Anne Page. It is a Shakespearean character with a foreign accent (French). I myself have a foreign accent so I could relate to the character, so when I saw they were doing auditions, I went for it. I am loving it.”

 Mr. Martin finds inspiration in the arts and the great stories that are told within it.  “Real life stories and emotions lived inspire me. Also, watching as much theatre and film as possible.”

 Mr. Martin’s creative process has to do with immersing himself in the character. “It is more about getting lost in, let’s say, the script and your character first and search within it until you start understanding that character clearly, feeling things you may have not felt before and become that character.” 

 The pandemic has impacted every aspect of our lives.  “Many things are different, some of them are negative some of them are positive. Pandemic has made us realize what it is really important, like your family, friends, solidarity and your mental wellbeing.”

 Mr. Martin recognizes the need for humor and that’s precisely why his next project is lighthearted.  “I am writing a monologue. A comedy monologue, I think we need more comedy nowadays so I can make people laugh, forget about reality for an hour and have a great time.”  Whether it’s Shakespeare, comedy or any other genre, this creative cosmopolitan will be saying hola, hello and bonjour to many future artistic endeavors. 

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