Action … Jackson!

Jackson Greenspan Interview by Jen Bush

Jackson Greenspan is spreading his wingspan in the world of the performing arts.  He scored the golden ticket of theater in the lead role of Charlie Bucket in the national tour of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  The Sound of Music and Friedrich Von Trapp became a few of his favorite things when he got cast in that beloved musical.  He said, “Oh Mickey you’re so fine” when Disney called and cast him in Better Nate Than Ever.  Musicals are fun and all, but this versatile young actor thinks it’s a hoot to scare people.  Lucky for him he booked a choice role in the stage premier of Socky Tells All.  This show in the vein of The Twilight Zone has a menacing puppet in it.  That will do the trick.  Jackson tells us a bit about his enjoyment of macabre things.  “Ever since I was little something about scary movies intrigued me. I think it started when I was 3 years old and my neighbor set up a haunted house in my community. Most little kids liked to dress like superheroes or baseball players; not me… I dressed like a killer clown or bloody Michael from Friday the 13th. Scaring people was just a lot more fun!”

Performing in musicals has served Jackson well throughout his artistic journey.  With age comes wisdom and he is wise to expand his horizons to do more plays as well.  That is what drew him to Socky Tells All.  “Typically, I audition for musicals where I can show my personality and act through song. As I am getting older, I am really starting to enjoy acting in plays.”

in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Jackson’s approach to playing this character was introspective.  His creative process required some important character analysis. “When I read the audition, I realized I needed to dig deep on how I would play this character. I decided to start off sweet and timid. Then I realized I needed to mess around a little and get myself to a darker place.”

For his next act, this bright young artist will be taking his show on the road for a much needed retreat.  “I have been away from home about a year now performing and auditioning. After this performance, I am going to go take about two weeks off to go on a family vacation.” After that, he’s going to continue to pursue artistic endeavors as he gets ready to become a high school freshman.  “After the vacation, I will continue to train, audition and get ready for high school.”  Jackson Greenspan is sure to have a long life span in the world of the performing arts.  Watch out for him!

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