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Jenny Ortega reviews DO ME DATE ME DUMP ME

“Date me, Do me, Dump me” (The Quickie)  is a night out for four females with different personalities ready to express their journey in the dating world, from meeting men at bars and the virtual world. The drinks keep coming, shots after shots! The stories get crazier and hilariously funnier. In harmony they expressed their needs and wants with sass and splash of crazy. We have all experienced at least one cringe worthy date or being ghosted, this musical will definitely turn your bad date into epic story you’d want to share.

showimage17569 (1).jpg

Steven Mitchel, Director of “Date me, Do me, Dump me” (The Quickie) has create a binge worthy musical. Its extremely interactive with the audience, All actors are amazing vocalists and the script was beautifully written, capturing the raw honesty of women experiences in the dating world.


Over all, all performances was lively, full of charisma, they filled the room with amazing energy reaching the public. All actors thrive in the moment, they utilized the stage wisely, and you can see the actors were enjoying the roles they took on.

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