WhoDunIt? So what! What are we going to do about it.

LESLY VERTILUS reviews Mahogany Brown and the Case of the Disappearing Kid by Gina Femia


In a world with so much light how can one disappear? This quote is uttered in “Mahogany Brown and the case of the Disappearing Kid” By Gina Femia” presented by Step1 Theatre Project at The Tank, directed by Janelle Zapata Castellano. This play is about a father who lost his son and – in an attempt to get him back – hires the great Mahogany Brown. The message of caring for our youth shines through on myriad levels.


The Father, superbly played by Xavier Rodney, started off holding our attention with a monologue wondering how he could have lost his son. The lead detective on the case, Mahogany Brown, was played exceptionally well – filled with willy wit – by Alisha Espinosa.

According to Brown, ”the heart is not soft it is pure muscle.” That is one of the many awesome quotes this play gave to the audience members who packed the house. I loved Espinosa’s performance due to her own effortless personal power that shined across to the audience.

Step1 is a brilliant company – taking us on a joyride until a painful disclosure at the end made this an unforgettable experience. This is more than great piece of art; it is simply brave.



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