Adam and Janel DURING rehearsal AFTER the Wake

The wit of playwright Shirley Beth Newbery coupled with the steady hand of director Laurie Rae Waugh will make even the saddest occasion a joy in AFTER THE WAKE, running Wednesday – Sundays, August 7 – 18 at the Serene Sargent Theatre – part of the American Theatre of Actors complex of arthouses. Wednesday – Saturday at 8:00 p.m. and matinees on Sunday at 3:00 p.m. Tickets $20 at the door. 

American Theatre of Actors is located at 314 W. 54th Street
New York City, 212.581.3044

Janel Koloski thinks of the theater as a humanitarian cause: 

Lanier headshot choice 5.jpg

“I became an actor because I wanted to inspire empathy through performance.  I also find people very fascinating and love to tell their stories.  Acting is a non-invasive way of presenting a potentially new and riveting perspective to the audience. Through acting, I can show the world that although our stories are different, we are more alike than we think.”



While Adam Pine welcomes the full artistic exploration:
13087476_1209869405720155_759077287485503783_n.jpg“My journey as an artist started later than most I think. I hadn’t even attempted acting until I took a class when I was 19 years old after advice from friends. I loved it and knew that it was something I wanted to pursue. Since then I haven’t looked back. While continuing to pursue acting I’ve gone further to explore writing and directing as well. And I just continue to enjoy it more and more each time.”


On the topic of the reading of a will, they had their own ways of locating the humor: 

Adam Pine: Well the southern accents are fun :). I also love playing the dumb one.

Janel Koloski: I find families to be hilarious.  When I was younger, I thought only my family had quirks and a rollercoaster of emotions, but most families do. All of the characters are quirky, so its fun to see how they navigate each other and the storyline.

67188610_2556594441038747_1166506928545726464_n (1)

On their creative processes, Adam takes the simple approach

Show up on time and in the right head space. I’ve always believed that if you fully commit to the character, it’s hard to go wrong.

While Janel is more mathematical

I review the script, find my place in the story, and then find the layers.  The layers come from the text, research, interacting with what the other actors bring into the room, and my best attempt to truthfully play the character under the circumstances.

Maybe they are both young artists but they are veteran ATA warriors

Adam Pine: It’s amazing to be in a theater that has opened the doors for so many actors and directors. This is my fourth show at ATA and each time you feel the energy left behind by the stories told before.

Janel Koloski: The American Theater of Actors was home to my first New York City play.  I delight in the character of The Sargent theater.  It’s everything this Pittsburgh girl dreamed a New York City theater would be!


Adam Pine: Back to school in the fall at Hunter College where I study Theater and Film and where I’ll be one of the captains of the soccer team.

Janel Koloski: After the play ends, I’m filming a western and will start rehearings for a show at Theater for the New City.

Adam concluded the interview with praise for his director… 

This will be my second show working with Laurie, the first being the Killing of the Snow Fox by James Crafford back in Winter of 2017. So far, both experiences have been wonderful. I always know that Laurie will give me honest direction, and is always looking to help you get to the heart of the character you are portraying. 



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