A review by Angela Theresa Egic

As Hebrews 13:2 reminds us:

“Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” – King James Version of the Holy Bible

In Ricardo Melendez’s play “Angel On Eros”, in which he plays the lead role – he entertains himself, for the most part, as the gay artist named Angel. The play includes the beautiful paintings by real life Spanish painter, Javier Trelis Sempere, whose work was included and revealed near the end of the play.

The play is described on-line, advertising this festival:

Angel (Ricardo Melendez) is a 40-something gay painter experiencing “painter’s block;” Matt (Brexdyn La Dieu) is a young, married restaurateur discouraged with the boredom of his day-to-day routine. The two men develop a friendship as they search for an escape from their present circumstances. Angel finds an unexpected muse on Matt. Matt is straight so no problem… right? Matt becomes enamored by the image Angel created. Angel is fixated on his newfound inspiration. Matt is flattered by the attention. When sex becomes a transaction, can friendship survive?

Both actors had me from beginning to end. Ricardo giving us great insight in his play, and the life of an artist and a man seeking inspiration as he hits middle age, then finds a muse. He really lives each moment and was lovely to observe. Ricardo gave us a lot to observe from the spiritual feeling of an artist, and his freedom on the stage. Also, lovely in his body, soul, and talent.   

His muse, Matt (Brexdyn), is a frustrated heterosexual married man. We feel it as Matt shows us his confusion upon finding himself attracted to another man; then must prove his heterosexuality in denials. His performance was powerful and perfect for this role.

This may be my favorite show.

Performances were so strong, and real. I was so involved, I just wanted to keep watching this show. It was like the best documentary, although it’s fictional (at least, by implication), even felt uncomfortable as if we were peaking into the lives of these two men.

My only complaint — there was no playbill, not even an on-line version. Yes there was  some write-up on the festival page. I chatted with Ricardo about this after the show, asked him to send me bios, etc. He did not! Although, there is lots of information about this talented man . . . both of them, actually; with a quick google search.

The talent was phenomenal. I may have to stalk Ricardo and Brexdyn in any shows they do from now forward! You have a huge fan in me!

Yes, I am coming out as a fangirl of this show, Ricardo and Brexdyn

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