composer LARRY DAGGETT aims at Gun Violence in “BULLET POINTS, THE MUSICAL”

Composer Larry Daggett tackles the other disease ravaging our country … Gun Violence in Schools

Bullet Points – the musical
Join us for a staged presentation of this powerful new musical
June 10 @ 7:00 p.m. & June 11 @ 2:00 p.m.

Theatre Row Theatre
as part of the Create Theater New Works Festival
410 West 42nd Street, NYC

To reserve tickets for the June 10 (at 7 PM) reading:

To reserve tickets for the June 11 (at 2 PM) reading:

This dark comedy focuses on Sarah, a Florida high school teacher who returns to work on the same day as a school shooting which sends her life spinning in wildly unpredictable directions – both tragic and comic.

“The theme of the show concerns the “us versus them” mentality that cuts our country in half,” says acclaimed composer Larry Daggett, “It’s about learning to listen to people on the opposite side of an issue even ifthey disagree with your point of view.”

Bullet Points tells the story of one woman’s attempt to navigate her thoughts and feelings on both sides of the gun control issue – with the hope that this subject will resonate long enough in the American consciousness that both sides of the debate might begin to find a path toward ending gun violence in schools.

A cast of Broadway veterans as well as electrifyingly talented young people is currently being assembled to bring to life this new musical hoping to enlighten the theater-going audience to a heart-breaking issue that simply won’t go away.

Look for cast announcements shortly as well as opportunities to help make this production a reality.

“We Can Do Better Than This” from BULLET POINTS

Larry Daggett has worked on & off Broadway, at New York City Opera, and at over 30 of the country’s major regional theatres. Last month he appeared in the celebrated 25th Anniversary Concert of the original Broadway cast of the musical Ragtime. He is CEO of New Tune Entertainment, LLC, a company built for the development and production of new musicals on stage as well as on film. His last musical film, Better Dead Than Red, won 15 film festival awards. He is a graduate of the Commercial Theatre Institute, the TRU PDMP Program, Create Theater, the Lehman Engel Workshop for the development of new musicals, and the Grove School of Music (musical composition major). He has also worked as a Musical Director for numerous productions both in New York, regionally, and at various schools. For more information on “Bullet Points” visit For more on New Tune Entertainment visit:

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