Screenwriter Anna Pujolras Perpina named writer and script supervisor on the new Ana Sierra film, Adspicio.

Screenwriter Anna Pujolras Perpina – once again – will be making magic with producer Roy Shellef, as she is now writing the script for the new film, Adspicio, directed by Ana Sierra.

Mexican director, Ana Sierra, is credited with multiple short-films, music videos, and specs during her career. Shellef is becomign a force to reckon with in the independent cinema thanks to films including Alone, Thank You, and the TV series, Godlike Gaming. Anna Perpina’s own star is on the rise thanks to being named as screenwriter on this film and on Shellef’s TV series, which she will serve as chief screenwriter for the entire second season.

Adspicio focuses on a mother-daughter relationship when life itself is running out of time.  As a representation of her own life-altering experiences, Adspicio is a colorful love letter to those that have shaped her life.  

Instagram account for Adspicio

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