Killing is as easy as 1 … 2 …

Code 1/2 Review

Writer/Director/Editor/Sound Designer/Art Director-Lancen GM; featuring Keren Dekterov & Epar Nor

Lancen GM is an award-winning Hollywood filmmaker, artist, and entrepreneur.  He is founder of Gm.L Pictures, L.L.C. & Gm.L Records, L.L.C.  For this short film, Code 1/2, Lancen wore many hats — writer, director, art director, sound designer and editor.

Code 1/2 has three characters.  We meet Master, a mysterious man behind a mask who is feared.  All who come before him kneel in his presence.  Characters 1 and 2 are female assassins who work for Master.  2 has betrayed the organization and 1 is sent to retrieve her.  There is a fight sequence and, in the end, we find out where loyalties lie.

This film has themes of betrayal, loyalty, intrigue and danger.  It conjured up thoughts of La Femme Nikita and Black Widow.  This film has potential to be expanded into a longer format.  The viewer’s curiosity is piqued about the backstory of this secret assassin organization and the players involved. The lighting and the camera angles enhanced the mystique of the film.  The music perfectly complimented the action.  The costumes were well chosen for the characters.  The ending was fitting.  I hope a bigger budget can be secured because this 6-minute film has potential.  Kudos to Lancen GM for taking on the lion’s share of tasks for this project and doing them well.

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