Chengyuan’s Review: The Bare Truth

Author H.G. Brown and director Laurie Rae Waugh deliver “The Bare Truth.” Funny dialogue clothing fascinating social issues. The company effortlessly handed over a wonderful and uproarious night.


51180721_2266554560042738_2508937572961484800_n.jpgWe meet two elderly couples – one newly settled in Florida to enjoy their retirement. However, the children are afraid that they are not able to fend for themselves. Therefore, they won’t leave them alone, and they often interrupt their parents’ personal life!


What’s a retired couple to do … but concoct a plan to tell their kid they’re nudists! That should keep them away. Nope!


Brown’s topic is a clever and enlightening one. Mixing funny and topical under the comedic device of nudism. This allowed respect to it as a way of life. Brown gives us some saucy dialogue but no nudity per se. The jury’s out on if this helped or hindered the play but it doesn’t derail it. In general, Bare Truth gives us a smart and entertaining theme and a well-constructed plot. Audiences of all ages can find resonance in this comedy.


Bridging the [new] generation gaps, 21st century relationship between parent and child and grandchild, and when to simply leave someone alone. Discuss!


Ken Coughlin was grand as Jack Baxter as the intruded father. Mike Durell was marvelous and Autumn Mirassou displayed genuine comedic timing. But she wasn’t alone, Johnny Blaze Leavitt’s reaction when he learned his parents are nudist was terrific. He could have taken the easy way out but he was funny AND imaginative.


When it is discovered just how many people in their universe are also nudists, we see that the bare truth is meant to be a parable and not a literal play with nudity. Some judicious cutting of the dialogue to its – pardon the pun – barest, will help keep the audience focused on the deeper meanings.

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