Climbing dramatic heights


Mariama Sano reviews (edited by Natasha Dawsen)

Emerging emotions at a time when adolescence is most raw and confused is a common tale but Max Berry supplies this painful time with a \n even more painful twist in Treehouse of Dreams.


Prom night became a turning point for Winston and Scout as their hidden passions are realized. Graduation became a hasty exit allowing the two to not deal with what their encounter brought-up until they had to return for the funeral of Scout’s boyfriend, Mark. Still unable to come clean about their relationship, Scout and Winston struggle with unresolved feelings, grief, and their future.

49895835_10205967571145987_2562529139793854464_nBen Cardona as Mark showed himself as a competent actor in both realism and fantasy  with commanding performances both living and dead (spoiler alert).


Brooke Viegut navigated Emily Sullivan and Rachel Schmeling beautifully as the unexpected lovers with Emily Sullivan’s portrayal of Scout showing great sensitivity and an inner life that ushered the audience through much of the drama.

Max Berry has given these actors and subsequently the audience a deep exploration of sexual evolution as seen through eyes of people not-totally ready for it. A worldly quality laudable at any age – especially someone of his own years.

Another accolade needs to go to Brice Croder. Festivals are not known for clever sets. The treehouse itself truly set the bar higher for future entries in DIY festivals like this one.

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