Four Faces from “Two Mirrors”

Pink Arts Peace Productions, Inc. presents the revival of the compelling play by Mario Lantigua, Two Faces One Mirror. Mario Lantigua’s powerful drama will be revived at the landmark American Theater of Actors, 314 W 54th Street New York City, for a limited run, December 28 – 30. Tickets available at:

YouTube sensation EmilyAnne Jolie Garcia makes her independent theater debut as Layla, her selfish, ungrateful teen daughter. Lantigua also directs his play – about the journey of a young single mother and her blind-to-reality daughter. “This play serves as a parable of love and sacrifice,” says Lantigua, regarding his play.

We spoke with Ms. Garcia and fellow castmates, Jillian Eckland, Lindsay Kennedy, and Daniel Collins.

image1 (10).jpegEmilyAnne Garcia: I am a Dominican-American playing the role of a disobedient 16-year old who hates her mother until she learns the truth about her and the struggle she went through. As an artist, I always wanted to be an actor. This is an opportunity I am getting to act in a play at a prominent theatre; this will be the start for me to shine bright as I always imagined. This play says a lot especially about character. I love this play because I can very well connect to it because my mom had me at the age of 16 and struggled to be a mom at such a young age. Although my mother and I are super close, this play signifies ways that other young mothers get treated. The thought of getting the chance to perform at the American theatre of Actors is frightening, but I am excited and cannot wait to start. After this, if everything workouts the way God has its plan out for me, I plan to take my experience to Los Angeles and audition for movies, television shows and commercials.

15697314_1197242407033308_2764029364305259623_nJill Ann Eckland: I love to create memories, beautiful moments and love with energy and positive vibes. This play touched my heart regarding the love and sacrifices a mother made for her daughter. Sometimes seen and unseen. I am extremely grateful for the gift of sharing the light and these moments of passion to the world. In the end, I go with flow and manifest my life by creating new things as the world is in need. I will continue to show up as I am invited to share the light.

40055303_1938761512811214_1356733619950845952_n.jpgLindsay Kennedy: As an artist, I find my best work is in that of expressing everything that isn’t said. I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life mastering the art of absorbing what is felt and converting it into words and into action. I like electric and controversial as well as community activism. I was drawn to Two Faces One Mirror specifically because it’s a role that reflects relationships I’ve experienced. More importantly, it allows me to give voice to so many others in this role in reality.  The message of the play speaks to the hearts of those who may not be as socially understood, in the face of sub-cultural moral expectations. We hope to magnify the art of individual strength and fortitude. I look forward to expanding the play come early spring.

Daniel Collins: I portray Gustavo a stubborn, old-fashioned and loving Dominican father to young Emily. He minces no words and means what he says. As an artist, I can honestly say I’m a very creative. I feel I have an advantage over other artists because I’m well-traveled and have experienced so much. I’ve been exposed to so much that I display multiple ways of expressing character and emotion. Especially in such a dramatic play. There’s a lot going on and life can be bananas … because it can come at you in bunches! I can definitely relate to this play because I come from humble beginnings which teaches you to accept life the way it is and how it is. I am truly blessed to be doing a play at the American Theater of Actors. This is a wonderful opportunity for me because it provides me a great platform to display a few of the multiple talents I have. Speaking of multiple talents, I’m also a comedian and I have a show coming up on January 12 called “It’s Funny But it’s True” at the Playroom Theater on 46th Street in NYC.



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