Wendy on the Town: Amanda Reckonwith & Lord Brian Alejandro

Wendy Stuart at Pangea

Photos by Wendy Stuart and Alan Kaplan

Broadways David Ajax Sabella was Amanda Reckonwith with a sold out show at Pangea last night! I knew the name, but to be part of Amanda’s audience for the first time was something else. A performance that was opera meets Broadway, meets comedy, so you’re laughing, you’re singing to yourself, and just in love with Amanda Reckonwith. From the many songs we’ve known and loved from Broadway, sung by that spectacular operatic voice, and highlighted with Amanda’s very British sense of humor, I am now of course like last nights audience, totally and completely hooked on David Sabella. And the non stop sparring with musical director Mark Hartman, adding to the hilarity of the evening. Looking forward to his upcoming show at Pangea in April 15! Forget about your taxes darling! Come to Pangea April 15th. I’m sure that’s something Amanda Reckonwith would say!

Pure Joy! Is how I’d describe “Lovers and Strangers” the show performed last night at Pangea starring Brian Alejandro Scott, playing to a sold out room of both industry people who love his talent, to childhood friends who have supported his shining star since they were kids. Totally impressive were his style, his moves, and song tributes to Shirley Bassey, Sinatra, Nat King Cole, the Rat Pack , renditions that were made for that fabulous voice that could reach deep with emotion, and then bring you back to laughter with his many personal stories, shared in such an intimate way, you felt like he was only talking to you. The background in dance, as those hips moved along with the words, made you never want to stop watching the next move, the next lyric and he held court with song after song. He is after all, an actual Lord! We went deep last night on a trip through those standards evoking another time, when words and personal style held a particular kind of magic, as if he was in your living room and you’re having cocktails, and only talking to you.…Thank you Brian❤️And many thanks to fabulous accompanist Darnell White. It was a perfect way to welcome Valentines Day.

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