Mademoiselle Jen Bush critique la charmante Stefanie Rummel dans Chansons, Piaf, Brel et moi, un cabaret musical sur la France

Stefanie Rummel enjoys telling stories in many languages.  In fact, she learned five languages in order to widen her international appeal and connect with audiences all over the world.  That’s artistic commitment!  In Chansons, Piaf, Brel & Me-A Musical Cabaret About France, Ms. Rummel spends a delightful hour singing songs mostly in French and telling stories.  The literal meaning of Chansons is songs that tell stories.  In her own words, Ms. Rummel breaks down the show:

“My latest show Chansons, Piaf, Brel & Me – A Musical Cabaret about France – is part of my “Intercultural Thought Exchange”. Travelling has been a great source of inspiration. I project cultural insights and let them reflect in the audiences’ minds. I share myself through French songs and autobiographic stories with my audience online or in person. Chansons premiered in December 2019 and it has toured to exuberant audiences from Iceland, to the UK, US and Australia.”  She’s got dates lined up for 2023 all over the world.

Imagine yourself strolling through the romantic and cultural city of Paris.  You pass the Eiffel Tower and terraced cafes.  A lovely voice beckons to you from the doors of a quaint music venue.  It’s none other than Stefanie Rummel who transports you to Paris for one evening.  The songs are mostly in French but that is not a reason to be put off.  French is a tantalizing language and when the words are put to music presented by a skilled chanteuse, it’s exquisite.  As Ms. Rummel says, “Music unites us.”

In Chansons, Piaf, Brel & Me – A Musical Cabaret about France, we are treated to a variety of numbers.  Songs of Jacques Brel and Edith Piaf are performed in the show because they are considered to be connoisseurs of chansons.  Ms. Rummel did it her way when she sang My Way in both French and English with very different connotations.  Quite impressively, Ms. Rummel recorded the French lullaby Frere Jacques in dozens of languages which she plays while encouraging a sing-along of the familiar tune.  Don’t worry if the only French word you know is croissant.  Ms. Rummel has a story for every song which she told in English to an English-speaking audience at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  This show is performed around the world and it’s customized based on location so in another place she might be explaining the songs in German, her native tongue or Italian.

Ms. Rummel’s delivery is as wonderful as her content.  Standing on a smoky atmospheric stage dressed in sequins this talented songstress has a vivacious vibrato.  She has a wide vocal range enabling her to sing sweetly in head voice and belt with the best of them in the lower register.  Her desire as a performer to connect deeply to people is achieved in this cabaret.  You’ll be enthralled by her stories and delighted by her songs.  You will say oui to Chansons.

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