Kevin Rios on the New York Stage: Part 1

Kevin Rios Interview by Jen Bush

Kevin Rios is making his mark on the New York acting scene.  After training and cutting his teeth on the theatrical stages of Mexico, Mr. Rios said si when he was accepted into the prestigious Stella Adler Studio of Acting.   His greatest desire is to openly and generously share his artistic gifts with the world.  “I think an artist is someone that opens his heart and shares everything that is inside of it with the world and that’s what I strive to do as an artist.  I want to share my past and my life experiences through the character that I portray in every play and film that I work on with the purpose of leaving a trace, a moment in the audience’s heart.  I want to connect with them through the authenticity of my performance so they can feel an honest connection and can generate empathy with someone else. I think that’s what the world needs the most, “Empathy”

Considering the fact that New York City is one of the acting capitols of the world, Mr. Rios’ instincts were spot on when he decided to pursue his career there.  “I consider myself to be someone that has a big loyalty to his instincts.  When I graduated from my alma Mater in Mexico, I had a strong desire to leave my country and take on a new challenge in my acting career.  I decided to start my professional career in New York, the city the city that has the best theatre and film industry worldwide.  Since I like big challenges, I decided to start my acting journey there.  I did auditions at the Stella Adler professional acting conservatory and once I got accepted, I moved to NYC.   I had the best experiences that an actor can have working and learning from the best professionals of the acting industry.  It has been a big challenge in  different degrees but I’m glad I made that decision in my life 

Mr. Rios’ acting aspirations began at a young age when he discovered the wonder of cinema.  “When I was an 8-year-old kid and went to the movies for the first time in my life and I was fascinated by realizing that being an actor was a profession.  It was amazing to think that I could become someone else different from who I was in order to tell a story and make the audience feel all those epic feelings I felt when I watched the movies.  For some time that looked far away from my reality but with the time I decided to go after my dreams and devote myself to that beautiful career.”

Mr. Rios’ creative process is deeply comprehensive and personal.  “I always do a deep exploration of the story of the character I’m going to embrace.  I dedicate myself to know everything about him, the context and the universe where the character comes from. I find the relationship between my past or the similarity with my life experiences of the ones of people that I know so I can have a visible connection.  Once I have a sense of the direction where the character or the story is going, I abandon myself , my identity and I leave myself behind in order to give my voice and my body to the character that is written on the script.”

For touching reasons, Mr. Rios draws inspiration from his family.  “My mom and my father are my main inspirations because of the warrior spirit that dwells in them. They always believed in their dreams and they devoted their lives to make them come true and to give me and my siblings a better future. they fought and they went through different challenges in order to achieve their goals and dreams and they made it through hard work, honesty and love.  That’s why I feel inspired by them.”

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