Beam Me Up to ShuttlePod Part I of 3

Shuttlepod Episode 1 Review

Jen Bush goes where no reviewer has gone before and like any Sci-Fi Series, it’s a trilogy!

Podcasts were invented in 2004 by former MTV video jockey Adam Curry and software developer Dave Winer.  Podcasts have since risen in popularity, variety and accessibility.  Scientists, chefs, educators and laymen alike with something worthwhile or entertaining to say have a podcast. People listen to podcasts to be entertained or to be educated.   More and more celebrities have jumped on the podcast bandwagon or in this case, shuttlepod.  Artists are able to create further visibility for themselves and their brands, provide behind the scenes information for their projects, connect with their fanbase, and remain relevant in between projects in an unforgiving industry that shows favoritism to people only in their prime.

Connor Trinneer and Dominic Keating launched a podcast called Shuttlepod four months ago.  Mr. Trinneer and Mr. Keating starred in Star Trek: Enterprise.  With an innumerable number of podcasts having to do with Star Trek alone, the competition is fierce but as high-profile actors from the franchise, they don’t have to worry much about having enough listeners.  On YouTube alone, they have nearly 10,000 subscribers.  As frequent convention guests, they recognize the appeal and the impact that Star Trek has for a vast worldwide fanbase.  They honor the Star Trek legacy as well as their supporters with memories, musings and insights.  They feature guest stars from the extensive Star Trek universe including actors and people behind the scenes.  The podcast’s on-camera producer is a bubbly young lady named Erica LaRose who keeps things moving along and asks fan and trivia questions.  The off-camera producer is a man named Mark Cartier who possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Star Trek.  During the podcast the spirited hosts speak to the guest, entertain fan questions that are sent in and play a few rounds of Trek trivia.  The podcasts are an average of nearly one hour in length.

Dominic Keating and Connor Trinneer have incredible chemistry.  Not all co-stars become or even remain friends when their shows are over.  These two gentlemen are close caring comrades, and their unbreakable bond is evident.  They get on very well with their producers.  The podcast is lighthearted and laidback, with humor that quickly fills the room faster than multiplying tribbles.

The podcast is skillfully shot by Director of Photography Kathrin Asmus.  The room was warmly lit providing the viewer with a cozy and welcoming feel.  A selection of nice blue hues enhanced the overall vibe.  Camera angles were well chosen, and transitions were smooth.  A lot of podcasts are shot in more harsh lighting and in a more raw manner.  The attention to detail and professionalism of the cinematography is clear.  When a captain of a starship says, “on screen”, I’m sure they would like to view the universe through the lens of Ms. Asmus.

Episode 1 featured Trek favorite, John Billingsley who portrayed the lovable Dr. Phlox in 91 episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise.  Mr. Billingsley has enjoyed a successful tenure as an actor on stage, screen and in video games using his voice.  In addition to guest starring in numerous popular television shows, he has had featured roles in several episodes of The Others, The Nine, Intelligence, True Blood and others.  He can most recently be seen in one episode of the wildly popular dramatic miniseries, Pam and Tommy.  Mr. Billingsley’s talent is only matched by his altruism.  His involvement in charitable work to feed the hungry and less fortunate is a testament to his kind caring nature.  He is a board member and supporter of The Hollywood Food Coalition.  He gathered a plethora of Star Trek actors and put together a telethon type charitable event.

During the podcast the gentlemen reminisced about Enterprise.  They talked about uncomfortable space suits and fan fiction that has gone where no one has gone before.  It was a lively funny interview.  When it got to the trivia portion of the podcast, things became hilariously chaotic.  For people whose job entails taking direction, they just couldn’t follow the rules.  Poor Erica LaRose did her best to reign them in.  Perhaps they were a bit influenced by the Angel’s Envy bourbon that was free flowing.  A jovial time was had by all.  Even people who never heard of Star Trek would have enjoyed this podcast.

The inaugural episode of Shuttlepod did not disappoint on any level.  Connor Trinneer and Dominic Keating are friends, colleagues, esteemed members of the Star Trek universe, and they know how to work a room.  They riff off each other and they don’t miss a beat.  Content, quality and execution were in warp drive.  Nearing their 25th episode, here’s hoping this podcast doesn’t enter space dock anytime soon.

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