Lisa Shalom Words-on-Film: Bring Love

Review by Jen Bush

Lisa Shalom’s tools of the trade are words.  As a poet, she elevates the art of spoken word with her rhythms and perspective.

As a testament to her versatility, three videos by the same person could not be more different. Here’s a look at Lisa Shalom’s work. Part I: Bring Love

Bring Love is shot in a kitchen.  It opens with a female character consuming pickles with jam and jelly. There are enough plates on the table to serve many. Next, we see the female character asleep on the kitchen floor among many broken dishes. She seemingly wakes up from a nightmare and proceeds to break more dishes that are in the sink as opposed to washing them. She begins to speak poetry over ambient sounds and a heavy bass set to Middle Eastern melody. Amid the chaos, we repeatedly hear the words, “bringing love back from the brink of extinction”.  We see falling and breaking plates reverse course through special effects to become whole again. 
In Lisa’s words, “There is nothing fluffy about Love, but the word get tossed around as if it were cotton candy- sickly sweet, and forever pastel. At a time when many look around and see so much brokenness, this is my love letter to the ones ready, willing and able to commit to the rocky road of restoring ourselves, our relationships and our surroundings to the wholeness that we already are. We’ve been nonchalantly walking around this joint, tossing wreckage into a pile of scrapped potential. We’re in a jam and we depend on your brilliance more than you may wish to admit, to collectively get ourselves out of this pickle. “

This video serves as inspiration to devote one’s self to go ahead and Bring Love with as much unwavering tenacity as those bent on subscribing to the way of fear. Brilliantly crafted in a 7-beat cycle, it is well worth the click to watch Lisa’s video on

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