You Talking To Me?

Review by Lew Antonie

Daniel Pradilla’s film TALKING ABOUT YOU, is a clever, intimate piece utilizing an inspired production scheme to show the fragility of relationships and the fear of being honest within them.

The piece begins by implying that it is a friend speaking to another about her relatioship with a soon-to-be-if-not-already-ex-boyfriend. With a flick of the camera, it is turned around to imply that it is a rehearsal for a play… or are they chatting before the rehearsal? What is real and what is art become stunningly blurred. Is the discussion of what to say to the antagonist of the relationship dialogue in a script or are they scripting a life-moment. Shortly thereafter, it changes again. This extroadinary change shows us the universiality of relationships and equality in their dysfunction.

Speaking in questions, antagonizing and supporting at the same time. Diana Matlak, as the mature friend led the dance beautifully. Marie Solimena, as the young girl trapped in a difficult relationship, was the emotional center of the piece. Thanks to Pradilla’s clever setup, we don’t know whether she is a deeply hurt individual or a brilliant actress … or both. The two actors deftly weave in and out of a rehearsal/discussion scenario, keeping us fascinated and deceived at the same time.

Matlak’s use of voice was a perfect compliment to Solimena’s heart-on-her-sleeve delivery and fluid movement. In this film Solimena, and in at least two other films, uses movement to her advantage, creating an emotional setup and compelling visuals augmenting the mood and the tener of the piece.

The piece itself summons memories of Pirandello with reality and many forms of fantasy marching arm and arm… or in this case … hand-in-hand.

Daniel Pradilla would be wise to expand this into a larger piece. Whether it be a longer short film or a feature length, the concept is enthralling. He would also be wise to take both actresses as Solimena and Matlak truly found the heart of the piece.

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