Eli’s got GAME

Eli Sundler is creator, writer, director, and one of the producers of this fast-paced series that both lampoons and pays tribute to the lucrative and obsessive world of professional gaming.

Channel I presents a series of interviews and reviews of Web-TV-Series creator, Eli Sundler and Godlike Gaming.

Part II: The Player’s The Thing!

Godlike Gaming concerns four 20-something gamers and their adventures. The comedy webseries about gaming, friendship and dreams centers around a competitive 5 vs 5 game that requires tactics, teamwork and high mechanical skills. It is inspired by shows like Video Game High School, The Guild and Spaced as well as Edgar Wright’s other projects.

The main protagonist, Sky, (Nicole Murray) is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) player that dreams about being the best of the best, competing on the biggest stages and winning The World Championship in a big e-sport game. Her reality on the other hand is far from that. No money, terrible apartment, and she looks it. She and her team are living their normal lives when they suddenly get into a local tournament, Battle of Legends. This would have been amazing if it wasn’t for the fact that one of their members dropped out. Not only will they have to find a new member, they also need to come together as a team and work with each other like never before if they are going to have a chance in their biggest shot of fame so far.

What is your proudest – or most defining moment – so far, in your career.

My proudest moment was probably the release of my webseries Godlike Gaming. It’s a webseries that I have wanted to do for over six years and now the first two episodes are out and we’re working hard to finish the season. The show is super close to my heart and I think it always will be. Seeing how it turned out and how excited everyone who has seen it is makes me very proud.

Who are some of your inspirations? 

The biggest inspiration I have is Edgar Wright. In Godlike Gaming you can see my influences from him the most, but even in my films that are far from what he does I always look at his work as a director and see what I can do to elevate my story. Another more recent inspiration I have gotten is Dana Terrace. Her storytelling and art is very inspiring, but the biggest thing is how she writes characters. There is so much depth to all her characters that you can’t help to love them or at least feel for them.

What’s next? 

Right now I’m working on finishing the first season of Godlike Gaming and then I would love to be able to start working on the second season immediately after. I have a ton of ideas for season two and I can’t wait to start getting it down on paper, but I’ve told myself to focus on the first season first. Outside of the show I’m also writing my first feature film (which I hope to start pre production next year) and writing an animated show. Closer to now I have a short film that I filmed recently and was waiting for the release of Godlike Gaming before going to post production with.

You worked in front of the cameras for the film, ALONE. How was it to act on film?

It was very fun and I have done it a few times before, but not much. Alone was filmed during quarantine so I was doing the filming myself and had Roy with me on Zoom to direct me. It’s something I can see myself do more of, just for the fun of it, but I will probably never be a proper actor.

Read about Sundler’s performance in ALONE


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