ELLA Y Yo at United Solo Screen

The United Solo Theatre Festival – due to continuing restrictions – has evolved into the United Solo Screen presenting a litany of captivating solo film showings. This new version of the acclaimed festival allows you to Watch Award-Winning Artists alongside discovering New Talents. The platform allows tyouy to Stream on your phone, tablet, laptop, and TV with New content added frequently.

A featured event there is ELLA Y YO.

“Ella y Yo” deep exploration follows a woman’s journey in search for acceptance and healing of her identity. Written, directed, produced, edited, and starring international stage and film actress Gilda Mercado, Ella Y Yo takes thew audience on a schizophrenic journey through a woman’s psyche to revel power and paranoia in a swirl of imagery moving from the stunningly beautiful to graphic and disturbing. Mercado plays a woman battling herself within herself. Utilizing clever camera tricks, turning a split screen into a balletic dance of the id, ego, and superego.

Gilda Mercado is a Mexican actress, theater maker, and creative. Born and raised in Mexico City, Gilda developed an interest in acting from an early age. Her passion for the arts drew her first to the theater, where she notably participated in the play “Boda en Cirilico.” The show was directed by Ylia O. Popesku, and it was performed at the Torre Latinoamericana, one of Mexico City’s most important landmarks. Gilda subsequently co-starred in a short film and played opposite Ariel Award winning actors Tenoch Huerta (Narcos Mexico) and Cassandra Ciangherotti. (The Ariel Awards are Mexico’s equivalent to the Oscars.) The film, “Elevados”, was invited to several international film festivals including the Los Angeles Film Fest, “One Shot” ISFF, 12 Months Film festival, and the Asiana International Short Film Festival among others.


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