Playful Substance invites you to their return-to-live-theatre event … and it’s a telethon!

Join us at the company’s celebrated …
November 21 @ The Kraine Theater, 85 E 4th St, New York City


LIVE: (three showings) 4:00 p.m.; 5:30 p.m.; 7:00 p.m.
or join us for the LIVE-STREAM covering ALL FOUR HOURS plus BONUS Content!

PITHY: brief but full of substance and meaning
PARTY: a lively gathering 
“Pithy Party 2021” 
goes “retro” with three unique “In-studio telethon” showings that will be live streamed over four hours with extra content for our online audience. This year’s Pithy Party will feature excerpts of new works from Tori Barron, Niki Hatzidis, Bree O’Connor, Raphael Perahia, Martha Lorena Preve, Jacqueline Reason, Stephanie Scott, Laura Sisskin, Nicholas Steckman, and Donald Wollner.

We are very excited about this new endeavor,” said Bree O’Connor, PS’ artistic director; “ten writers, ten directors, and nearly three dozen actors live … no do-overs,” she continued, and concluded with a hearty,“there ain’t no party like a Pithy Party!”



IN-STUDIO: $15 per Party (Discounts available for more than one party)

LIVE-STREAM Tickets: $15

Make a Tax Deductible DONATIONSupport Playful Substance

 Each Party Line-Up will be released in Early November.

Each Party Event is directed and read by company members and frequent collaborators

Playful Substance 2021-2022 season and fundraising campaign begins with the Pithy Party. 

Playful Substance’s Writers’ Groups take the spotlight in this annual staged reading event featuring excerpts of works-in-progress directed and read by company members.

Streaming services provided by Transcend Streaming

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