IMMERSIVE THEATER 2.0!: Tired of Zoom? Invite the play into your home!

The Israeli Arts Project brings “Divorced, the Play’ directly into your homes for private showings. Catch a special preview at the Williamsburg Speakeasy Theater, 125 North 1st Street, Brooklyn, NY

Next show: August 31 – Doors open at 7, show starts at 7:30pm.  TICKETS
View the trailer:

Written by Gur Koren and translated by Adi Drori, the play is directed and adapted by Matan Zrachia with a cast that includes Emilly Bènami, Maia Karo, Ron Orlovsky and Matan Zrachia. Produced by Yoni Vendriger and co-produced by Shay Zach. Masks are required

Based on the play, Grushim by Israeli playwright, Gur Koren, this entry in the celebrated Cameri Theater project, Out-of-the-Box, “Divorced” is designed to bring theatre to unique and unconventional spaces thus turning any living room into the actual set – as an immersive and intimate experience.

Harkening back to the 19th Century style of hosting “salons” at which authors & actors brought their work to people’s homes, the goal of this in-theatre production is to serve as an introduction to the play and to offer to – once again – bring the lively arts right into people’s homes across the city.


They share a child, they share a past, but they have no future. A divorced couple dive into the depth of their complicated relationship and discover a true friendship no divorce can break. 

This moving dramedy is presented by members of the IAP. The entire company is fully vaccinated and obey CDC guidelines. The play is produced by IAP founder, Yoni Vendriger.


Israeli Artists Project (IAP) is a non-profit organization that promotes and presents Israeli theater, music and art. IAP aims to create a home and stage for talented local Israeli artists. It uniquely connects the Israeli and American Jewish communities through Israeli culture. IAP has been granted fiscal sponsorship from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation (AICF). Since 2018, we have reached thousands of audience members all over the East Coast through our presentations of  over 20 unique activities with over 50 performances per season. The Israeli Artists Project, which presents and promotes Israeli theater, music and art in English and Hebrew at alternating performances. 

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