Talking Pictures with RINATI ROKACH

“Producing is who I am. It comes from my inside; it defines me, so I take it to the top best I can reach for every project I take on. I’m also a perfectionist, and I see it as a commitment to excel, and that’s how I make my dreams come true.
I’m a dreamer, and I decided to make my dreams come true!”
exclaims Rinati Rokach, an international film producer now calling the West Coast her home.

Under the title(s) of producer and production manager, Rinati can name drop Martha Stewart, Kelly Osbourne, Nickelodeon, Live Nation, Coca Cola, Procter & Gamble, Nike, MasterCard, Intel, Elbit, and many more, as persona and corporations that have enlisted her keen eye and artistic acumen.

But she is not cold and corporate. “I’m drowning in emotional projects,” she says, “I’m drawn to projects that are not easy to handle – society-wise, I challenge myself by taking challenging issues to talk about and bring them to life.”

Her creative mission is to make an impact – to take something to the next level. She has done this with own stories and those of others. Recently, she teamed with friend and filmmaker, Roy Shellef, to create “Thank You” a beautifully-done short film, which Shellef credits Rinati with finding locations and having the drive to get it done.

Showtones was thrilled to hear that she is now working with Ariel Vromen, who directed the movies ‘The  Icemen’ and ‘The Angel,’  on a feature film called ‘April 29, 1992’ about a shopkeeper must save his son from an angry mob during the 1992 L.A. uprising after the Rodney King verdict. We wanted to speak with her before she got just too busy!

What event in your life made you make the decision to join the entertainment community of the United States?

Since I started working in the entertainment industry, I told everyone around me that I’d move to the US one day to do something big. But I think that the breaking point that I decided to take to the next step was when I worked for Live Nation Israel, with so many international productions and produced big events, like Bon Jovi, Guns N’ Roses, Britny Spears, Enrique Iglesias, and many more. Working alongside top-notch professionals has clearly pointed out that the next step for me is to be part of the industry here in the states, and taking the next step meant opening up to broader production opportunities and learning the film industry.

What are some of the obstacles you are facing now?

Packing your life in a suitcase, leaving behind your loved ones – family and friends, your support system, and flowing your heart, starting in a different country alone is not an easy task but is a true calling. I believe that the challenges that come with this step will and do make me better and stronger. 

What are you working on now and what’s next?

Besides ‘April 29, 1992,’ and being involved in the development on TV shows that will air in the future (can’t say much more at this point), I’m working on a second short film named “On The Line” with Roy Shellef. “Thank You” has won a couple of awards so we wanted to make lighting strike twice. 

That’s seems to be guaranteed.

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