Greek Classic unites two cultures

The cast of Kalinichta Margarita(Goodnight Margaret) gives a breathtaking performance

Cyprus New York Productions, a non-profit organization whose mission is to unite Cyprus and New York by sharing cultural diversity through literature, drama, theater, poetry, music and dance, had its first ever online performance on November 1. It celebrated the end of the German occupation in Greece in the 40’s and the Oxi Day with the production of the classic Greek Play “Goodnight Margaret” by Gerasimos Staurou. This was the second consecutive year for the production as it returned after its successful run in 2019 and it honored the memory of cast member Chrysanthos Petsilas, who passed away earlier this year at the age of 73.

The play directed by Theodoros Petropoulos and Phyto Stratis tells the harrowing true story of teacher Margarita Perdikari (portrayed by Angela Tsamasirou) from Ioannina, Greece, and her introduction and eventual initiation to the resistance during the occupation in World War II, by her best friend Angeliki (portrayed by Chrysi Sylaidi) against her family’s will.

The production was under the auspices of the Consulate General of Greece in New York in collaboration with the Greek Division of Ronald McDonald House and featured the stellar cast of: Chrysi Sylaidi, Angela Tsamasirou, Anna Tsoukala, Theodora Loukas, Stavros Markalas, Theodore Petropoulos, Diodoros Pagoudis, Christiana Kandilioti, Tasos Karydis, Ariadne Panagopoulou, Angelo Niakas, Chrisanthos Petsilas, Phyto Stratis, Evangeline Zoulas,

Staged in the Off-Broadway Theatre created at St. George and St. Demetrios Church in Manhattan, this beautiful and atmospheric production made the audience travel in time with exceptional performances by the impressive cast. The chemistry and dynamic of the relationship between the two best friends portrayed by Chrysi Sylaidi, who did an impressive work of bringing the palpable energy of the Greek Resistance on stage, and Angela Tsamatsirou, who gave an inspiring performance in the role of Margarita, was the driving force for the developments and intensity of the play as well as the crucial rapture between Margarita and her family. Petropoulos, Karidis, Tsoukala, and Loucas did fine work in their respective roles as well.

The video which can be found online has received 250 views on YouTube and 1000 views on the CNY Productions Facebook page.

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