In the ZONE

Review by Tim Cordell

This June the audience traveled all over the world with no time zone or virus limitations in Chrysi Sylaidi’s Time Zone Free.


New York- On Saturday, June 27, 2020 the online, live theatrical and video performance Time Zone Free, part of the Global Forms Theatre Festival by Rattlestick Playwrights Theatre and New York Theatre Salon in collaboration with Greek Actress Chrysi Sylaidi, gave the audience all over the word the joy to connect and celebrate different cultures and languages that exist in the US with no time zone limitations.

Through 10 original pieces, presented by a cast of 10 exceptional artists from all over the world, the audience was offered a variety of languages, music, poetry, visual arts, and creative expression for two hours straight in a “for one time only” unique event.

The stellar cast stole the audience’s hearts with their incredibly personal and honest performances.

In order of appearance:

Sarah Bitar, from Lebanon, gave a heartbreaking performance about her separation from her own mother and her effort to stay in touch during the most difficult time of the pandemic.

Valentine Smith-Vaniz, from France, delivered with incredible gusto a powerful monologue written by her grandmother, Agnès Echène, that tells the story of a beautiful, proud, powerful and, independent woman.

Dorothea Gloria, from the Philippines, delivered with a chilling melancholy a Filipino poem by Jose Rizal called Mi Ultimo Adios that talks about change and rebirth.

Fritz Leonard, from Germany, created and performed a piece based on Franz Kafka’s , The Departure, that made us remember that our lives are a constant journey and sometimes the destination is not the most important thing.

Melina Moghadassian, from Germany, delivered with passion and great skill a piece by Rainer Maria Rilke that reminded us the importance of reconnecting with the things that are vital and mean the most in our lives.

Vincent Van Der Velde, from Belgium, created a short film inspired by a piece from the Belgian playwright, Hugo Claus which was one of the highlights of the event. Mr. Van Der Velde’s performance, artistry and production value of his piece, where impressive to say the least.

Myrna Davone, raised between France and Belgium, gave a very sweet, charming and heartwarming performance about her search of identity and acceptance while not having only one country of origin like most people traditionally seem to do so.

Chrysi Sylaidi gave a one of a kind performance with grounded choices of deliberate simplicity that offered an unforgettable viewing experience while she delivered the famous Greek Poem ”Kemal” by Nikos Gatsos.

Regina Carregha from Mexico, took the audience’s breath away with her storm like, groundbreaking performance of her own original piece that tackled issues of inequality, racism, injustice and privilege while it celebrated her Μexican origin and womanhood in an overall commanding production.

Last but certainly not least, Annasole Podesta, from Italy, gave the perfect finale to this show while she sang with her unique and ”healing” voice Ave Maria by Bach and Gounodin in Latin. Her performance felt like a hug of hope and love to everyone who had the pleasure listening.

This show proved that art can always find ways to exist. Even during a pandemic. After all, these are the times that we need it the most.


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