Super-Mom’s Super Show

meshelle-310“Essentially  my onstage persona is the “super-hero” alter-ego version of myself, laced in my unapologetic personality,” says Meshelle, one of the fastest rising comediennes today.  She took a breath at ‘unapologetic” and then added… “On stage I am relentless in my messaging, off stage there’s much more grace.” 

Some people need therapy but others need comedy. Meshelle’s mic-welding denizen of the spotlight came after over two decades of marriage, three home births – now college, high school, and middle school students. Meshelle asked herself a question asked, thought, or felt of wives and mothers who lose themselves in the enormity of those two rolls, “I always fancied myself to be a very progressive womanist, sexy, flirty, fun and driven;  who enjoyed all of my 20s seeking undergraduate and graduate studies, travel, social justice, advocacy and adventure.  Before there was “Sex In the City” I was living my dreams out loud with no one else to consider.  When marriage and motherhood came knocking I not only “opened” the door, I gladly  built a never ending canal of commitment and nurturing that left little to no space for my Artistic, Comedic and Theatrical pursuits.  And  let’s just say that my “girlfriend” persona had “left-the-building.”  This show is a resurgence and celebration of ALL THINGS  “Girlfriend.”  That wondrous knowing that maturing women are just as vibrant, fearless, sexy, sensual and well-read as the years go by.  It’s a declarative, musical and funny take on finding and keeping that connection to the “girl” inside and giving her license, to roar, laugh, love and live!”

I asked Meshelle a few quick questions about her newest incarnation of her act. 

meshelle-213This is the first installment of the CABARET, yet I have been working this material as a stand-up comedienne and solo performer over the last 8 years and finally adding music to the funny! Audiences have been loving the candor laced in laughter.

Funny stories that happened on tour? 

meshelle-224The stories are laced in life as an Artist who dared to LIVE her Dream in the midst of marriage [over 20 years], post-marriage and mothering.  I use my hiccups and mistakes as fodder to sing and laugh about how there was never a blueprint for a woman and particularly one of color, who wanted to take it ALL on and win!  While I am not yet a household name, I am garnering a genuine following, asserting that they are indeed of the G.A.W.D (Grown Ass Woman …Darling) culture.



What’s happening for you in 2020?  

I am excited for this “reset” a new decade to be a relentless artist, dedicated mom of three very amazing kids, my 3 SUNBEAMS;  and content creator as my writing partner and I are pitching for television and multimedia platforms.  Stand Up is and will always be my first love, I am adamant about booking those “key” gigs that can change your life in moments, and I see them happening in real-time! And my love for solo performance and musical theater promise to ensure I inhabit more creative real estate in the CITY that never sleeps, one special engagement and residency at a time!  I am a GAWD [ Grown Ass Woman…Darling]! 



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