Conjuring a Great Time

Lady in Black 2 at Pangea:

Review by Showtones’ lead reviewer: Max Berry


Mary Elizabeth Micari is back in “Lady in Black 2”! This time we are treated to a spooky, fun, and heartfelt story of how Micari was led to witchcraft and the struggles and triumphs in her life in the years surrounding that journey. All connected through fun arrangements of 90s hits and with Micari’s stunning vocals, “Lady in Black 2” is a great time all around.


Connecting the songs through the story of Micari’s journey with witchcraft made the show much more personal and real. These moments, where Micari read from her old diary and witchcraft journal were full of life, personality, and enough spooky witchy atmosphere to really get you through the Halloween season. The stories ranged from funny to sad to haunting and Micari delivered them in an almost dreamlike tone. In the such an intimate setting you truly felt like you were participating in a private story. Perhaps around a fire, surrounded by witches.


The subject of witchcraft is presented in a very honest and nonjudgmental way. Micari, having been studying it for many years now, tears down many of the misconceptions and stereotypes associated with witches. Starting the show with “This is what a witch looks like.” The audience is opened up to a subject that many, myself included, knew very little about. “Lady in Black 2” does a great job of demystifying the modern witch. Micari presents coming across witchcraft as no different than coming across any other passion like writing, singing, or dancing. I certainly learned a lot and will think twice next time someone mentions witchcraft.


Micari’s voice is out full force in this one, creating new and spook-ified arrangements of 90s classics. Perhaps it’s just the fall Halloween spirit, but Micari’s voice feels akin to sitting around a fire in October: Warm and cozy yet with just enough mystery to keep you looking over your shoulder. Songs like “Black Hole Sun”, “The Sign”, ”You Learn”, among others provide a wide variety and do a great job of showing off both Micari’s vocal ability and her comedic timing.  It’s clear Micari is having a blast on stage and as a result it’s impossible not to have fun along with her. Talking with the audience and laughing and joking really makes the experience feel genuine. We’re being invited to hear a portion of someone’s life and having fun every minute of it.


Once again, Micari delivers a fun and entertaining show that only someone with her electric stage presence could bring. “Lady in Black 2” was certainly a great way to spend my Halloween weekend.

“Lady in Black 2” was performed by Mary Elizabeth Micari at Pangea (178 Second Ave New York, NY 10003).

All photos by Dan Lane Williams.


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