Life … in a Mezzo-Soprano Range

Showtones features sage wisdom from performance artist, Mary Elizabeth Micari.


On the eve of her new cabaret act, LADY IN BLACK 2: BETWEEN THE SUN AND THE MOON, Showtones asked her to share a few words on “the biz.” Mary began her career at 19 when she started her own theatrical company. She has since formed two others; worked on Broadway, TV, and film, recorded and performed music – from Jazz/Blues to world music and her own compositions, and even started a homeopathic product line! Five Star wraps-up our three-part series on Mary by introducing her to a new audience. 

The Lady in Black 2: Between the Sun and the Moon, premieres at Pangea, 178 2nd Ave in NYC, on Saturday October 26, 2019 at 9:30 PM.

Do you think your show resonates with young people today? 

44474988_10215667339289350_6091713422003535872_nI do think so.  First, my son is a “young people” turning 30 and this show is about two subjects that deeply impacted his life.  A divorce from his father when he was about 8 and my transformation into a Witch, Wiccan…whatever you want to call it.  I think that many kids went through their parent’s rediscovery of themselves and tons of kids dealt with divorce so it will enlighten some. Also, I think everyone goes through these life changes and I am talking about a time in my life when I was 30! So, it’s right for 20 somethings up to 40 somethings as well as people my age.

You came to some amazing discoveries after Lady in Black 1 – how about this one? 

Lady in Black 1 showed me my addiction to people. What is commonly referred to as co-dependent.  I am now in recovery and deeply involved in a 12-step program to work with those issues…which are multiple.  I thought I got out of my family of origin unscathed! My brother is an alcoholic and many other cousins etc. are too.  I didn’t drink but I became the caretaker. This show, I think helps me see just how deeply I went into codependency with my first marriage. It also is much about my connection to the feminine and masculine divine within us all and in all life.  I think it has revitalized my connection to spirit in a very strong way. Speaking and singing about this all reminds me of the power and excitement of that time and all its discoveries.  It has spurred me on to look more deeply at what I already have known. Its appropriate at this age.

What is it about the cabaret setting that is most conducive to your work? 

I think my work oddly bridges several worlds. It is one-part nightclub, one-part theatrical, one-part stand-up.  I like to see the audience.  I also like them eating and relaxing so that it all feels like a wonderful party.  Pangea’s food is delicious, and their drinks are generous and tasty so….

Did you even consider turning these into a one-woman show? 

It is already that…with perks.  Music, jokes, my diary…it would make a great TV series though! 


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